Staking Walkthrough

Where to stake

Overclock On Chain Addresses

  • Vote: AS3nKBQfKs8fJ8ncyHrdvo4FDT6S8HMRhD75JjCcyr1t

  • Identity: C1ocKDYMCm2ooWptMMnpd5VEB2Nx4UMJgRuYofysyzcA

Staking from a Wallet

Staking from a Hardware Wallet

  • Ledger Live

  • Note: you can stake using your Ledger using the UI of most of the major Solana wallets which might be more convenient than using Ledger live

  • Keystone Wallet is compatible with Solflare

From Solana command line

Staking from an exchange like Coinbase

  • Not possible to delegate to Overclock or other "community" validators

  • Staking to exchanges has high fees and is negative for network decentralization