Overclock Team



"7Layer" became interested in Web3 and Solana in early 2021 and what was initially a fun little investment became a hunger to understand more about the technological aspects of Solana and blockchains more broadly. I ended up as one of the current moderators of the Solana Tech discord and Solana subreddit. Although I am currently a PhD student in biomedical sciences, I have been an active participant in the Solana ecosystem. Dubbelosix and I met in 2021 through online Solana discussions and in Spring 2022 we decided to become more deeply involved and team up to run Overclock Validator on Solana.


Technical Operations

Hey! After getting a Master's degree in computer science, I started out as a software dev and over time transitioned into infrastructure engineering and devops with a focus on observability and performance. I have experience in both cloud and datacenter operations, which lends itself well to validator operation on Solana. During the past two years I started working in the blockchain space and currently work full time at Sovereign Labs on ZK rollup technology. I have a continuing interest in high performance blockchains such as Solana and love understanding protocols and their tradeoffs.